Sunday, August 9, 2015

Aleksandr Medvedkin - Schastye aka Happiness [+Extras] (1932)


Aleksandr Medvedkin’s Happiness, as rowdy as any Soviet silent movie, is a comic parable composed of equal parts of Tex Avery and Luis Buñuel. It satirizes the plight of a Soviet farmer who finds himself providing for the state, the church, and his peers at the expense of his personal satisfaction. A hapless young prole, Khmyr, is tasked by his wife with the goal of going out in the world and finding happiness, lest he end up dead and dissatisfied after a lifetime of toil, like his father. Through stylistic exaggeration and a systematic attack on pre- and post-Revolutionary Russia’s dearest institutions, the movie achieves a wide-ranging, and deeply wounding, attack on the limitations placed on personal freedom in Russian society

+L'aventure du ciné-train :
-Journal N°4
-How do you live comrade minor ?
-The conveyor belt
-Watch your heath
(these 4 are really silent -no audiotrack- )
+2 Medvekine lost flicks reconstitutions by Nikolaï Izvolov :
-Au Voleur ! (photos)
-L'histoire de Tite (drawings)
+Medvedkine complete monologue (17mn) from chris Marker's "le train en marche"
+a Nikolaï Izvolov interview about the (non)-relations between Vertov and Medvedkine (they lived in the same building !), planned to be used in "Le tombeau d'Alexandre" but rejected from final editing

Language(s):Silent (french intertitles) + russian (some bonuses)
Subtitles:English .srt (when french intertitled or french overdubbed) / french+english srt (when russian spoken)